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· Add High Performance IP Network Routing Functionality to your AV Rack Solutions

· Create a Secure Guest Network with VLANs

· Enable Secure Remote Access to the Network via VPN

· Optimize VoIP, Streaming Media and Other Demanding Applications

· Improve Network Reliability and Performance with Multi-WAN Capability

· Protect Your Network with Firewall and Security Features


· 1 Dedicated WAN, 1 Dedicated LAN, 3 LAN/WAN Configurable Ports

· 1 USB 2.0 Ports for File Sharing and Printing

· Auto Failover between WAN ports

· Load Balancing

· Virtual Private Network (VPN): PPTP, L2TP

· Quality of Service (QoS)

· Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)

· Bandwidth Control

· Content Filtering

· Network Security and Firewall

· Intuitive Management

· User selectable Green or Blue Front Facing LEDs