Change firmware to either connect to Omni, Gateway, or BitWise platform

Omni version updated! New Shades and Support Icons on Main Menu. Camera Pop-Up on Event. All Off Lighting. And More!

Lumina Gateway and Omni: Access dozens of thermostats including humidity settings

Lumina Gateway and Omni: Control lighting loads including outdoor signage

Lumina Gateway and Omni: Control ventilation and window coverings

Omni: View crisp IP surveillance video footage without any additional hardware. MJPEG and JPEG IP Cameras can be viewed, as well as analog with an analog to IP converter

Omni: User-selectable language for Omni systems: English, Spanish, French and Italian

Omni: Arm or Disarm your security system or alert emergency personnel

Omni: Quickly check whether all doors are locked and either unlock or lock any door from one menu

Omni: Quick glance LED on the top right corner is green when security is disarmed and red when armed

Omni: Utilize slider bars to adjust lighting load levels from 0 to 100%

Omni: Control Leviton’s Hi-Fi 2 Distributed Audio System or a compatible system from a Connectivity Partner

Large approx 7* diagonal viewing area with minimal plastic surround available in Black or White

7.25”x5.125”x0.55” on exterior wall surface, and 6”x4”x1” behind surface of wall

Glass front capacitive touchscreen at 800×480 resolution

PoE connection provides all power and communication

Firmware updates via Ethernet

2 watt mono digital amplifier and speaker

Two digital MEMS microphones for improved noise and echo cancellation

Light sensor allows automatic dimming of display backlight