Music server features

Music server features

  • Includes 4 x CasaTunes music players
  • Add up to 5 AirPlay wired or wireless speakers
  • Create room groups to manage a group of rooms as if it were just another room
  • Implement scenes, like a Party scene, using CasaTunes' room groups
  • Easily control where your music plays, using the Move, Share and Join menu options
  • Wake and fall asleep listening to your favorite tunes
  • Seamlessly integrate popular AV Receivers from Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer, Yamaha and more, into your whole house audio solution
  • Search for music across multiple music services
  • Create CasaTunes playlists that contain songs from multiple music services
  • Rack mount hardware included


  • Play music stored on your music server disc, and on networked PCs, Macs and network attached storage devices using QuickSync or DLNA/uPnP media servers
  • Stream music from various popular Internet radio and music services
  • Stream any music App from one or more iOS devices via AirPlay
  • Use CasaTunes QuickSync to quickly discover and catalog your music collections residing on one or more PCs, Macs and network attached storage devices
  • Supports 24 bit/192Khz High Definition Audio playback
  • Includes a 500GB disc for storing music (enough storage for 100,000 mp3 songs)


  • Control CasaTunes using our free native CasaTunes Apps for Android and iOS phones and tablets
  • Each CasaTunes 6X6 Matrix Amplifier includes 6 keypads, a keypad hub, and a remote control. The keypads and remote control can be used to toggle power, change volume and select a source for a room. Installation of keypads are optional.
  • Each CasaTunes 6X6 Matrix Amplifier keypad includes an IR receiver, which can receive and repeat IR signals from other remote controls, allowing you to control one or more IR source devices located next to your matrix amplifier
  • Control CasaTunes with your voice, using the CasaTunes Skill for Amazon Alexa enabled devices (currently available in the US only)
  • Control CasaTunes using your Lutron Radio RA2 and Homeworks QS keypads

Home automation and control system integration

  • Out-of-the-box integration with popular home automation and control systems, such as Control4HDLRTIURC and more
  • CasaTunes provides a Serial API, Serial over IP API, and a robust CasaTunes REST API for custom control
  • Launch the CasaTunes App from a third party Android or iOS home automation or control App using intents and the CasaTunes custom URL scheme, respectively


  • Free updates
  • Configure CasaTunes to automatically or manually install updates
  • Remotely access your customers CasaTunes music server reducing down time and costly truck rolls
  • CasaTunes controls access to Administrator tasks, simplifying the customers experience, and reducing the possibility of customers inadvertently changing their music server configuration.
  • CasaTunes monitors your CasaTunes music server and automatically attempts to recover when issues are detected. CasaTunes can also be configured to notify dealers of issues, allowing dealers to pro-actively manage their customers sites.

Matrix Amplifier features

  • Each Matrix Amplifier powers 6 pairs of speakers @ 50 watts per room when using 8 ohm speakers
  • Includes six stereo audio inputs and six outputs. Each output can be switched to any of the six inputs
  • 4 x RCA Jack analog stereo line level inputs (Sources 1-4). All four inputs are reserved for use by the CT-4 music server
  • 1 x 3.5mm analog stereo line level input (Source 5)
  • 1 x 3.5mm analog stereo input or digital Toslink digital optical input (Source 6)
  • Automatic Gain Control switch, when enabled, ensures all inputs are at the same overall volume level
  • Includes a pre-amplified output and a 12VDC trigger output for each zone. You can connect the pre-amplified output to a secondary power amplifier, and use the trigger output to control the secondary power amplifier standby mode
  • PA (Paging) trigger input. When a 12VDC signal is applied to the PA jack, the audio from Source 1 (aka Paging source) is broadcast to all zones.
  • Mute In trigger input. When a 12VDC signal is applied to the Mute In jack all zones are muted
  • Switchable 115V and 230V power supply*
  • Includes 19″ rack mount kit